Forced air furnaces are the most common means of heating and cooling homes throughout Ontario because of efficiency and year round comfort. These new systems are very quiet and require very little maintenance making them an excellent choice for your heating needs. In both propane in oil application, contact Bangs Fuels and we will help you choose your best heating option.


Bangs Fuels offers nothing but the best and that’s why we chose Rheem for our gas furnaces. With up to 97% efficiencies, Rheem offers a top quality product at the forefront of innovation. lasting performance, industry leading warranties, and top consumer reviews, make Rheem the right choice for your home or cottage.
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Prestige Series

Offering up to 97 percent AFUE, the Prestige Series is Rheem’s top-tier furnace product line. This series is equipped with a quiet ECM motor, and is available in models with a modulating, two-stage or multi-stage heating function.

Classic Series

Rheem’s mid-range product, the Classic Series, offers gas furnaces ranging from 80 to 95 percent AFUE. All models in this series use a direct spark ignition and an insulated blower compartment, and offer both upflow/horizontal and downflow configurations.

Value Series

With 80 and 93 percent AFUE units available, the Value Series offers both standard and high-efficiency units for affordable home heating. All models in this series have a single-stage PCS motor, stainless steel heat exchanger, direct spark ignition and the option of indoor or outdoor combustion.

Armstrong Furnaces by Lennox

In 1928, Lennox Furnace Company—one of America’s leading manufacturing interests—created Armstrong Furnace in Columbus, Ohio. Armstrong Air has been the smart choice for homeowners who expect more from their heating and cooling system. Built with durable materials and incorporating brilliant technology throughout, Armstrong Air is not only the brand to trust with your home comfort, it’s also the brand more dealers would choose for themselves.
Rheem Prestige


Brock Furnaces

Gone are the days of oil tanks with 60% efficiencies. Top brands in the industry, such as Brock, offer oil tanks with efficiencies up to 95%, comparable to those of propane and natural gas. This performance could help you save up to 40% on your heating oil consumption and could reduce your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 3,000 lb./yr! In addition to its attractive look, the BROCK KLC holds the Energy Star® certification at all firing rates. Its conception combining performance and durability will bring you the best comfort possible and the ease of maintenance that you are looking for.

Keeprite Furnaces

Rugged, durable, with heavy-gauge heat exchangers and premium features. They are designed and built at the International Comfort Products, LLC plant in Canada where oil furnaces have been the major focus for over forty years. Keeprite manufactures oil furnaces in a wide variety of configurations including a variety of low-profile models. There are even models that fit into tight spaces like attics and closets. These advanced, deluxe models in the KeepRite family of products are built to give you years and years of constant use.

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