Homeowners First

Our top priority is your home comfort. We strive to maintain a happy relationship with our customers and treat you fairly.

Our recommendations are for the best equipment tailored to your home and budget, and our technicians are proud to install high-quality work.

Your Local Provider

We are your local propane, fuel oil, and home heating & cooling service provider. Our drivers, technicians, administrative staff and management are your neighbors and part of your community. Our employees share a passion for quality customer service, teamwork, and pride in being skilled at our trade. Trust a local company with your home comfort.

We Give Back

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, you want to work with company that you can trust and has great reputation in your community and across the industry.

When you buy local, it stays local. At Bangs Fuels, we invest socially and economically in our community.

Local community involvement is a large part of who we are as a company, and we continue to support community needs.

“Interesting Fact: Bangs Fuels has helped raise over $85,000 for the Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital Foundation to date.”

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Green Initiative

Bangs Fuels prides itself on being environmentally responsible. It’s important to us to operate in a sustainable way and we are constantly challenging ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of the ways we are trying to protect the environment include reducing travel time by offering online consultations and sourcing products close to home. We’ve converted some of our service vehicles to propane as we recognize auto-propane can make a significant positive impact on the environment! We also recycle e-waste by donating it to CP4CP. This prevents more carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere and decreases the strain on landfills.

Our staff support workplace recycling thereby lightening the environmental footprint of our business by reducing air and water pollutants. All of our paper forms have been converted to a digital format as well. We’ve helped save hundreds of sheets of paper and trees through the power of DocuSign and other digital agreements.

Propane protects consumers who are facing increased energy costs and is more environmentally friendly than other fuel sources. By converting oil customers to propane, we’ve helped decrease C02 emissions, reducing our customer’s carbon footprints. We strive towards sustainability and offer energy efficient equipment, decreasing the amount of harmful pollutants from entering the atmosphere, contributing to a greener future for all.



Looking for a new career opportunity?

Bangs Fuels has job openings for qualified and enthusiastic individuals in various departments who are interested in joining the Bangs Fuels team.

Let us know what your interest is.

“At the end of the day we want to have a good relationship with our customers. You can only do that by treating people fairly and selling them the equipment that’s going to do the best job for them.”

David Bangs, Owner & CEO